1. Why do I need your service ?

      Japan is one of the best places to do shopping in the world. It has so many different online retailers and auction sellers that offer very detailed descriptions and pictures for the items you want. You can find almost anything online! However, traditionally Japanese retailers or sellers do not accept customers from overseas or ship outside of Japan. It is not because they don’t like foreigners. They are just shy to use English or languages other than Japanese. That’s why our staffs are able to help. Our staffs speak YOUR languages and Japanese! Our staffs will support all your language needs and buy the items on your behalf and then deliver them to you.

    2. Where can I buy from ?

      Anywhere online!

      You can buy from any online retailers or auction sellers. (Yahoo! auction / Rakuten auction)

      For anything that are not found online, please select Anything Else in the order form and provide as much details as possible. We cannot guarantee we will find it but we will try our best!

    3. Can I order multiple items at the same time and group them together to save shipping cost ?


      Yes, you may combine orders if the situation allows.
      This is a case-by-case situation and not a guarantee.

      Please contact us to make special arrangements for you.

      Please note that if extra packing materials are required you will need to pay for the costs of these items.


    4. What shipping methods are available to my countries ?

      We recommend EMS (Express Mail Service) or SAL (Economy Air) by Japan Post.

      Both options include tracking service.

      Click here for comparison of shipping types and shipping time

    5. How much is the shipping cost ?

      Shipping cost is composed of:

      • Local shipping cost to our warehouse
      • International shipping cost from our warehouse to your country

      Local shipping cost will be determined by our staffs on each order manually and we will notify you before you confirm the purchase.

      Click here for an estimation of shipping rates (Japanese)
      Click here for an estimation of shipping rates (English)

      International shipping cost cannot be determined before purchasing your item because each order is different in size and weight and the ways they are packed.

      International shipping cost is determined case-by-case by our staffs after we received your items at our warehouse.

    6. Can I buy anything I want ?

      Yes, we will help you buy anything you want as long as it is legally for sale in Japan.

      However, it is your responsibility to make sure the item is mailable to you country.

      Click here for official rules imposed by Japan Post about non-mailable Articles in International Mail (English)

      Click here for official rules imposed by Japan Post about non-mailable Articles in International Mail (Japanese)

      We reserve the right to refuse purchasing harmful or questionable items that are not listed above.

    7. 7. Where is your warehouse ?

      Our warehouse is located in Yokohama.

    8. What currency do you use ?

      We only use Philippine Peso for all of our orders.

    9. What payment method do you accept ?

      We accept major credit cards and debit cards

    10. What if I don't understand the Japanese description in an item that I am interested ?

      Just place an order of that item through the Item Hunt.

      Our staffs will help you understand it more through the Order Communicator.

      You do not need to pay until you are certain about the item and confirm the purchase.

    11. Is there a minimum price to hunt?

      Orders must be at least 3000 yen per item. Less that 3000 yen will be considered 3000 yen. We do not combine item hunt and consider them as 3000 yen.

      Item 1: 150 yen
      Item 2: 3000 yen

      Item 1 will be considered 3000 yen
      Item 2 will stay as is 3000 yen.

      But we can ship the item all together with a storage of 60days, more than 60 days will incur storage fees.

    12. Is there a limit in weight or size of the items I buy?

      We must comply to the rules imposed by Japan Post when shipping your orders. Therefore, your items must also comply to the size and weight limits by Japan Post: List of EMS Size and Weight Limits





    • All items are shipped all together with our joiners in the box. International shipping cost, import tax, export tax, handling and tariff are included.
    • Local shipping is not included once it arrives in the Philippines and the buyer should shoulder the local shipping cost.



    • It is your own private warehousing where in you can ship it anytime you want. Warehouse fee includes; Import tax, export tax, handling and tariff.
    • International shipping cost is not included and should be shouldered by the buyer, but the advantage is that this is going to be shipped directly to you.


    What is PRE-ORDER?

    • A pre-order is an order placed for an item that hasn't been released or is not currently in stock. They're shipped to the customer once available. Pre-orders allow customers to order products before they are available.


    Do I need to pay for the item hunt request?

    • If you want to request an item hunt, it is free of charge. You will only pay when the item price works for you.


    What happens if the item gets forfeited?

    • Item will be offered publicly at a Preorder Price through Shopee and other Marketplace channels.
    • You can still claim the item as long as it is still available.
    • Your downpayment is forfeited including the chance to claim the item once the item is sold out.


    Is the international shipping fee not included for Pasabuy Service?

    1. International Shipping COST FROM JAPAN TO THE PHILIPPINES
    2. Custom Tax
    3. Tariffs
    4. Handling Fee
    5. Packaging fee
    6. Filling out of declaration form.
    • The local shipping fee is not included and should be covered by the buyer.


    How long does the Pasabuy shipping take?

    • It usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on the custom's process, it may even take longer or it may be earlier.
    • The count of the timeframe is when we advised you that the box has been shipped out already. but we need to make sure that the box is full first before we ship out all of the items.
    • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is only an estimate and is subject to change depending on the manufacturer's actual release date and custom shipment process since all items are coming from Japan. Early arrival, delays, or cancellations are beyond our control.


    When is the balance payment?

    • The remaining balance will be paid upon the item's arrival here in PH. You are given 1 week to settle the payment and claim the items. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. But if you want to store the items so that we could ship all the items in one shipping, we can do that, but make sure you settle the remaining balance to the items that have arrived in the Philippines warehouse.


    What is Private Warehousing?

    • Private Warehouse gives you the best chance of shipping your orders together, even if they’re released at different times. Items will appear in your Private Warehouse as they’re paid for, and can be combined for shipping as you like as long as the maximum item is 10 items.


    How does Private Warehousing work?

    • In your Private Warehouse you can combine or split orders, change shipping methods, decide exactly when to ship, and control all aspects of having the items shipped to you. This is great for customers concerned about keeping per-shipment costs down for customs reasons, consolidating orders for more efficient shipping, or for anybody who wants to be in complete control of what gets shipped, when, and how.
    • Our private warehouse fee is 25% of the total price, it will include Handling Fee, Tariffs, and Export Tax, that means you don't need to pay any taxes when it arrives in the Philippines.