How Pasabuy Service Works?


To ensure a seamless and accurate product search, kindly follow these instructions:

  1. Product URL: If available, please provide the direct URL or web link to the product you wish to purchase. This will assist us in verifying the exact item you desire.

  2. Product Images: Attach clear images or provide links to images showcasing the product from multiple angles. Visual references aid us in identifying the product accurately.

  3. Product Price: State the product's price, including any applicable discounts or promotional offers. This information helps us assess the overall cost.

  4. Specific Instructions: If there are any special instructions related to the product, such as color preferences, size requirements, or additional features, please clearly specify them.

Note: The more comprehensive and detailed the information you provide, the better equipped we will be to find the perfect product for you.

Proceeding to Step 2:

Upon reviewing the product details, we will send you a quotation for the item. If you are content with the quoted price, you may proceed to Step 2 for further processing.



Our dedicated staff will provide you with a detailed quotation that includes all applicable taxes and shipping costs to our warehouse.

Please be informed that our Pasabuy/Proxy fee amounts to 35% of the total price, encompassing handling fees, tariffs, and export tax.

Upon your request, we will generate an invoice for the total cost and forward it to your provided email address. For your convenience, we accept major debit or credit cards as the preferred method of payment.

Once we receive your payment, we will proceed to procure the items on your behalf. Additionally, we offer an optional proof-of-purchase and inspection service upon the arrival of your product, which incurs an additional 2% charge.

The proof-of-purchase and inspection service entail the following:

Our diligent staff will carefully open the shipping box from the retailer on your behalf. They will thoroughly inspect the quality and correctness of the purchased products. Subsequently, we will provide you with photographic evidence of the items as proof.

Please note that during this service, we solely open the shipping box and refrain from interfering with the original retail packaging of your product. It is essential to mention that this optional service may require an additional processing time of 1-3 days.



Once the shared box reaches its full capacity, we will promptly inform all members in our Discord server that the pasabuy box is en route to the Philippines.

Upon the box's arrival in the Philippines, our local branch will individually reach out to each participant, notifying them of the readiness of their items. For those with pending balances, we kindly request settlement within 7 days of notification. If the item has already been fully paid for, the settlement period is extended to 28 days. Please be advised that any unclaimed items beyond this designated timeframe will be considered forfeited.

Your attention to these timelines is greatly appreciated, and we are here to assist you with any inquiries throughout the process.


Customer can either pay in Full or Half Deposit. Those who paid in Full will be given a discount.


Thank you for your cooperation and support in making this pasabuy endeavor successful.